Saturday, May 29, 2010

Born to travel around the globe

Perhaps, the interest to travel is developed by my upbringing for having kaki jalan parents. Perhaps, it is already within me but whichever the cause I am very much delighted to have such high interest in travelling around the globe.

Long journey but so far, I am still in the category of domestic traveler but of course the experience ones. I dare to say that I have covered the whole Peninsular of Malaysia especially the tourism area. Although the places change from time to time, the evolvement does not alienate my memory.

People say ‘jauh perjalanan, luas pemandangan’ and I could not disagree with that. You see thousands of landscapes, flora and fauna as well as human characters. It makes you learn to observe, think and decide and that makes you a wiser person. Prof Nasa once said to me “ a good doctor is a good observant”.

It has been a few years since I expressed my intention to travel abroad. I was aiming to travel around Europe upon the completion of medical course and I thought it was for sure after the fund has confirmed its status earlier. Unfortunately, I overlooked the weather! If I were to do Europe tour in November, I will only double up the energy use which will make my journey a boring and tiring one with little fun in it. That indirectly means I am swayed away from the objective of travelling. I had already recognized some potential pit stops with my business friends, James and Nani. We planned to touch down in Manchester and depart home from Amsterdam but what is the purpose to walk around when many places are closed in that month?

The plan may have been scraped off but thankfully, we had a list of destinations. We are now seems likely to be grabbing the second option on paper which is at the other end of the initial destination. It will be summer in New Zealand. The Mother Nature is promising although it is always better to think for the worse than to imagine the beautiful ones which will only disappoint you at the end. My brother had lived there for a year and it sounds a great place to soothe the mind before coming into the working life. Hopefully, I will not have problem to realize it and anyone who wants to join us, do buzz me privately :) The more the merrier but of course, not the whole bus lar.

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