Saturday, February 13, 2010

when 2 is better than 1
this is wat been playing in my mind now. Mom says that i shud get a doctor but i have been against it for many2 years. Perhaps, i shud juz listen to her., the last two of my gud frens have got that some1 and i guess, i shud start hunting now huh??? or play first??? lol..c lah..after all, no money no talk :P n before i decide, i haf to think thoroughly or else, ill b sent down.
but i have got to do it my way. yeah, my way! and so im telling myself...bla bla bla, bla bla bla...amy is perfect! hmm...shes too thin but physical isnt in d criteria :) ops! she has a guy! yeah she is. of cos she is! n tat is d rulz no1: not after sum1 who is attached either in reality or, gota look for sum1 else...from 1989 is tempting but as long as between 1986-1990 will do :) but please, not june28 or else i'll end up having sum1 juz like me..hehe...its interesting if she plays tennis/netball when i play football/futsal, when she likes to be the passenger when i love to drive! but not totally disalligned..when i cook n she likes it too, when i never been serious n she is a joker too :) oh! too many ke??? alamak, perhaps my fren is rite, im undatetable fr d outside n inside :P lol
stil loving tis song. i am soon gona be FREE!!! yeay!!! sem10, i am waiting for u!!!


akusyazz said...

june 28 xleh?
tp june 27 leh kan?kan?kan?
hahaha :p

dRGonDRonG said...

lol ;p
june 27 ni wil forever b loved!