Sunday, February 7, 2010


Regardless of what solution I tried to come out with, I still could not abstain myself from reading business related articles. Weeks after weeks I have been trying to do it ‘cold turkey’ way but when it comes to holiday, I had to surrender myself and put the white flag up. Obviously, I am not in the period of time to favor my passion ahead of my responsibility. I usually have no problem listing up priorities in life and obey to the demand but this time round I was helpless, swayed by the strong wind that threw me off track. Although in the long run it benefits from various angles in terms of personal finance, I am not going to take any chance or possibility that may ruin my expected graduation day. It is like putting a knife on your throat. Since I had already started to read again, to start on economic fundamentals research, I would continue doing it but only during the break I needed while doing the medical revision.

A few weeks ago, James and I had run a coffee table talk with a few juniors on financial management to share our limited knowledge. It was a closed door discussion, so that we could monitor closely those present from time to time. Economy works on its own and it is not necessarily rely on facts. That is evidence by economy theories. Of course, the statistics data are facts but not what is coming ahead. We could expect micro and macrovascular complications in chronic diabetics but we could never determine the future of economy and stocks. That is the major difference between finance and science. It is as challenging as reaching a diagnosis of the patients’ illnesses.

However, theories, opinions of the expert, feng-shui and the money leaders are all influencing the coming days. When we want to involve in stocks, we should see it both domestically and globally. It is like a food-chain which you could not afford to overlook either condition for balance. In my personal view, I could not ask for a better time to make money other than now. Year 2020 is only 10 years down the road and many steps have been taken to realize previous administrator’s ambition which has also became ours. With NAJIB-nomics are giving some effects to the bumis which, has reduced some enjoyment felt during previous days, it is no reason for us to get angry. Indeed, we should ride with him and feel the peripheral aura just like how the Omaticaya connect themselves with EYWA.

The ruling government has promised a stronger GDP growth until 2020 for us to achieve ‘Developed country’ status. This has indirectly applied pressure to the opposition party if they get to rule. Therefore, regardless of who rules us, we should be able to have good economy growth in line. The people are already annoyed with the dirty politics and that means nothing is more important than the people’s pocket and their children’s education. I am definitely agrees we should be lead by good leaders but it is not our job to ‘punish’ people. One day, the truth will be unveiled. We are powerless if work as one but we are powerful if we take control of our own money.

Besides the NAJIB-nomics factor, the global economic meltdown is actually in favor to make more new multi-figures people. Cheap money is everywhere and benefits many opportunists. Slow growth in the US, Europe nations and Middle East Countries gave time for these people to grow and build cushion to prevent any negative impact that they may face while climbing up the stairs of success. I am expecting more millionaires and billionaires by year 2020 globally. K-economy is already the key factor in some countries and Malaysia is also doing fine while it concentrates to boost its agriculture sector.

This is just the beginning of making money years. We should find ways and do research on funds to multiply our figures. Money does not come easy and never be fooled with those theoretical impossible easy money of ridiculous schemes. Invest in trusted funds. The portfolio you have must not stick to only one. Have various to average any possibility of loss. Equity, commodity, property, bond, cash and a few other elements are important to avoid from acute myocardial infarct or cerebrovascular accident when a crash occur. Have confidence when you invest but do not be greedy as it will never favor you. Good luck.

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