Tuesday, January 12, 2010

roomates :)

Roommates are as important as good friends. In fact they know you better than some of your good friends. The reason is simple; they live under the same roof that gives them no space to hide their true colors. Of course, there are things about him that you may not know but you cannot afford to neglect him. Somehow, you will get yourself connected with him. I have been changing roommates 5 times in 7 years. Actually, it is 4 times because one of those lived with me twice in different year. Perhaps, it is 3 times because the other one was only on temporary basis. Other than that, it was either I occupy the whole room alone or I stay at home getting the loves from my parents.

There were sweet as well as bad memories. However, if people ask me “will you want a roommate in the future?”, my answer will be “the only roommate I want is my wife”. This is simply due to my bad experience dealing with roommates. The first one who was also my best friend of 6 years had backstab me for women and power. The second one was a pair with different background, culture and sensitivity. The third one was super egoistic immature kid as well as weirdo I say. Out of those, I chose the second experience (see pics), the pair of almost completely different background as my best roommates. We were really like brothers. We never left either one behind for self sake.

On the issue of not so long time ago (of d prvious posts), I do not want to elaborate further as some people may perceive it wrongly. After all, this post was not the one which I wanted to publish so much. I was almost to reveal the unveiled scenario because a friend said before "nobody reads your blog" but i was suprised when some of them came to me and asked. Due to some re-re-reconsideration, I decided to swallow the bitter part and prevent any unwanted consequences. Again, I have moved on and have decided to leave for good. Ya, he and so called his brother have got on my nerve for quite some time but I care no more. I lose nothing. In fact they just lost a good friend in me.


nabel said...

its been a while ;)

and yup, i agree to most written upstairs. :P

muna said...

wow azam, gamba lama tuhh? rindu ukraine?

muna said...

u remember me aite? munawarah silam. hehe