Friday, December 11, 2009

Approaching new year

Like previous year, I had a budget done before the new year commence. It is for me to monitor my monthly expenses. Of course, there will be unpredicted expenses as you go along but at least, the budget you set will prevent you from crossing the line excessively. It is something that I learn from my dad. The idea is to allow you to breathe comfortably, enjoying every second without hesitancy.

It is not something against the norm. Our country has its own budget every year to assure that the tax payers money is channeled back to the people for country’s development. You need to understand the flow of your money, your assets and liabilities and many other financial related issues. With that, you will be able to avoid from debt crisis. Remember? God doesn’t like His people to be in debt.

2010 is going to be my last year as a full time student. There will still be a room for me to cry. Tak-apa lah kalau terlebih spend, parents boleh settle. However, that is not the case for me. I prefer to manage my own financial, manage my own problem but to share happiness with them. It is just a preference and not a must for every matter. After a thorough check ups, this year’s budget has increased by 30% and that is a huge sum of money for non-shopping spree person. The global recession has not altered my income or affects me in a negative way but where did the additional money go? Worse still, there is no allocation for a girlfriend for two consecutive years. Am I a nut?

I am just being a realist as I am not attached to anyone to spend my time with. That makes me on a savvy side although practically I see myself as a loser for being single. But then again, it is my choice and it is okay as long as I do not disturb other people’s life. I am happy as I am but this cannot go on for long. There will be a time when I need a sweetheart besides me but for it to happen; the girl needs to convince me that she deserves a place as the special ones in my heart.

I have plans for the near future, for myself and for my brothers. Some of the ideas have been addressed, explained and jotted on papers but implementing action is still some way apart. One will be seen in the first half of 2010, a few will start in the second half and the remaining will be between 2011 and 2012. These are just plans and are subject to changes but I have to be optimistic about achieving it before I can start moving forward.

30% increase till August before it drops 10% in the next 2 months while November and December are put on the KIV list as these are post-exam months. It is an exceptional case. I probably may be away for refreshment in life before a hectic life begins and that requires some extraordinary amount of money. There will be less likely an additional investment for 2010 as I am truly on tight budget.The deficit for each quarter except the last ones is estimated to be not more than 20% of monthly expenses. If more, the deficit correction can only be done after I start to earn. I am not worried of any beyond borders expenses as they will still be compensable. That is why having a budget is far much better than writing down your daily or weekly expenses, which is confusing.

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-MiRa- said...

all the best dude! i need to manage mine too but unfortunately i cant. the 'unnecessaries' are still there. shits! it is all UNEXPECTED :P