Friday, November 13, 2009

already GONE!

Every starts will eventually ends,
No matter what have been done, how much were sacrificed,
Nothing will stop it from ending,
TIME decides when it takes place.

I do not know how to say it in my own words.
And there comes a song, played on air for many months.
I hope, it is enough to explain my frustration on you.
The song would have probably influenced my decision,
but it has also been the one that makes me stand firm.

If you ask me who to blame, i cannot answer.
But if you ask me why i decide, then i will say
'I am no longer interested to make myself like a fool'
I am sorry but I do not want to be hurt again & again.

Here, my heart is expressed through a song,
Beautiful song sings by a beautiful singer.
Take that deep into your heart,
Not meant to hurt but to tell you my decision.

Remember all the things we wanted
Now all our memories, they're haunted
We were always meant to say goodbye
Even without fists held high
Never would have worked out right
We were never meant for do or die

I didn't want us to burn out
I didn't come here to hurt you now I can't stop

I want you to know That it doesn't matter
Where we take this road Someone's gotta go
And i want you to know You couldn't have loved me better
But i want you to move on So i'm already gone

Looking at you makes it harder
But i know that you'll find another
That doesn't always make you wanna cry
Started with a perfect (housemate)
Then we could feel the poison set in
Perfect couldn't keep this love alive

You know that i love you so
I love you enough to let you go

I'm already gone I'm already gone
You can't make it feel right
When you know that it's wrong
I'm already gone Already gone
There's no moving on So i'm already gone

I know that you will not find another,
because you already have that another.
I am sorry that I cannot fulfill your wish to have both,
but i have to make it clear, I am no number 2.

I have had enough tolerating,
it is now has reached the critical level,
and I could not bear the pressure.
Both knows, we are neither gay nor womeniser,
and I am going to miss our time together,
because you were my only elder brother.