Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My say on Malaysia economy

‘W’ shape or ‘U’ shape recovery?
W if the Europe or US economy taste another slump
U if the world’s economy continue to recover even at slow pace

Recovery by end 2009?
Very likely because only real sector contracted, financial sector remains intact (high liquidity, domestic savings far exceeding domestic investment)

Which is better? 9% growth in China or 3% growth in US?
Both benefits the country but 3% growth in the US would mean a lot more than 9% growth in China

OPR to stay at 2% till year end?
Very likely.
If reduce further economy may recover faster but plateau at certain point in the future.
If increase before 1st quarter 2010 may affect economy in the negative way but positive after that.

Stimulus package RM67 billion?
Sufficient size to cushion the economy crisis.
Effective if being monitor closely- speed of implementation is as structured + high-multiplier effect (increase public expenditure)
Not effective if implement slowly and low-multiplier effect

More signs to get rough idea on our economy: home financing rate, crude oil prices and not to miss! IPO in KLSE..latest coming IPO is on maxis.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bliss RaYa!

As every Muslim in the world welcome its very special day, I cannot afford to miss out from celebrating the day that comes only once a year. Before I proceed, I would like to wish all Muslims; Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir & Batin.

Well, the first day is the most exciting. Of course, not everyone will have such opportunity but one of my philosophies is ‘grab while you can’. It is okay to be an opportunist in certain occasion because that gives you the chance to benefit things that come. I do not know when my chance will be taken away but for now, I am thankful that I am still able to seek apologies from both my parents. When I was a small kid, I did it for the money (ampau) but I have grown and understand that it is actually means more than that.

I was brought up with proper guidance and taught to forgive others, no matter how bad one treated me, I must forgives him the least on Raya morning. Being a human, I do not run from doing mistakes but the check list on my hand mitigates my fouls. I may be unconvincing at certain point but I will not stop saying ‘sorry’. Sometimes, you may feel that my apology is insincere but deep inside you know that it is better than nothing. After all, no one can satisfy everyone at all time.

This year’s raya is a little different and unique in its own way. Having known that there is only a year left to complete my undergraduate course, my happiness is doubled with the eligibility to receive ampau from relatives and non-relatives. It looked awkward as this 24 year-old guy with his visible beard is still being treated like other adolescents but I could not deny, it is a sweet moment. I know my days are limited. Soon, the kids around will start asking from me.

In the morning of the 2nd day, my grandfather fell in the bathroom. His elbow bleeds and I did simple dressing. An hour later, I re-assessed his wound and decided that he needs proper treatment. It was a minor cut but tissue regenerative for an 87 year-old man will not be good. I send him to the nearest doctor for 2 or 3 stitches. The doctor commented that I had been a good grandson as well as promising doctor.

However, I know myself more than others. My patience is not as great as my mother. My determination is not as great as my father. My sympathy is not as great as any nurse. My empathy is not as great as my lecturers. My care is not as great as Tun Mahathir. There is no need to compare with The Prophets as my level is far below them.

I saluted both my parents but credit goes to my dad this year because he has been much better for the past few years while mom is still consistent being a wonderful lady. If you remember Petronas raya commercial break, the ones that isolate their father and let him eats with the cat and their children said ‘nanti bila papa mama dah tua duduk kat sini’- referring to a place outside of the house then you will know what I mean. My dad comes forward to stop this from happening to his father.

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Ops! Ya, it did happen to my great grandfather. The hut that my dad built behind of his father’s house was misused. His father had used it as a room for his grandfather to live in. It was evil but I could not comment much. Both my parents said, they do not understand why he did it but even if he was cruel to anyone, he is still their father. The only thing can be done is to prevent that from happening again in our time and that is what he is doing. He shall not repeat his father’s mistake. He takes care of his father from A-Z (medical, shower, meal and etc). I personally do not have the determination to come every 1 or 2 days to shower him or to entertain his needs. I understand that geriatric patients need more attention than pediatric patients that is why I always prefer pediatric.

Elsewhere, this special day is just like every other year. Visiting the close ones is compulsory. It is dual meaning in fact. Close in terms of relationship as well as distance from home. Whichever does not matter as long as we do not stay at home. It is best to move around while we have the chance to do it.

I was brought up as a town boy but was given the opportunity to taste the sweetness of having a kampong. My mom’s kampong is like a haunted mansion. She was born there but spent most of her childhood time in PJ after moved in to Singapore. Her kampong is where I experienced to ‘mandi sungai, jungle trekking, exotic foods and hantu exploration’ but that is those days. We rarely go there since my grandmother lost her lovely hubby. Each year, everyone unites in her PJ house. It is a different story for my dad. He has a kampong but only in the name. He was brought up in ‘Kampung Tunku’, a small area in PJ. I had some memory there too. I was the pet grandson of my dad’s mother and she had taught me many things in life. I could still remember the day she dressed me up to school, the day I fell from the roof when she was preparing our lunch, the day I helped her to cook some kuih for tea-time meal and many more. Fortunate or unfortunate, both my grannies place is just about 10 minutes away from my place. That for sure, gives us no problem in planning our raya.