Monday, August 24, 2009

A little suprise...

Gosh! Amazingly my stappy is stil alive! It is one of d few utensils tat r as old as cucms existence. She had been sharing my ups and downs for 3 years before I temporarily lost her. Damn! It wasn’t my fault. Orang lain yang hilangkan! Tats why I hate irresponsible people! Dah tau guna tak tau nak letak balik! Okay, I may b exaggerating but truly, tat was how I feel. But lucky enough, Zuka had searched it for me and keep it safely.

It is nothing big anyway. Just a stapler but it bears past memory. I bought it with my ex. Nah, that does not mean much anymore. I am not haunted by the past and will never be. I am delighted perhaps because I like to keep my things for a long time. Selagi boleh pakai no problem lah. Like my handphone. It was so ugly that I had to use a rubber band to tie the broken phone until my mom bought a new one for me.

Some miscommunication occured between me and Zuka. I thought, I would have lost miss stappy forever. The last time I saw Zuka was during the dodgeball competition which, she had ‘run away’ from me. Her face reflects as if ” no, I do not want to talk to you”. I do not know. High possibility because she went missing when I tried to look for her. We are not close friend but I did share my personal issue with her, once. So, due to that, I took it as ‘azam, move out from my life!’ and I really did until last Friday when she said-hello. Whatever it is, I have got miss stappy with me and thank you Zuka, u made me smile for a while.