Sunday, July 19, 2009

my engine has juz started

I may be stupid but I can always get better. Fail once, fail twice does not end everything in fact it is the starting of something. Every problem has its root of causes and I know what was it. I do not blame anything or anyone as what had happened was expected. I know that was the consequences that I had to bear. I know it was a right decision and here I am looking up to the next step to progress. So, do not underestimate me. The game has just begun. With that, I am declaring myself to finish off the game ultimately with pride. The best from me is yet to come.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why is it ok?

I may have lost the pivotal person in the not so new group. I may have lost a brother, a friend and the best person in CUCMS who I can work with. It has also made me lost the support that I have been enjoying for the past 3 years but God is always fair enough. I still have my number two in the current group, who has been holding my hand from drowning. She may not realize how crucial am I to have her around but that is the truth that I would like to tell out. It is not that she had done something for me but her softness and diplomatic way of communicating that always soothe me. She neither say flowery words nor motivational words to comfort the sadden heart if happens to be but always offer a solution to it whenever needed. These two, Abang Pian and Kak Pah, the best that I could ever asked for in CUCMS.

Of course, he is incomparable and nobody will ever beat him in this institution but to have her and a few others on the second list is good enough to assure that the happiness is not lost. It may be weird to hear that I can live with just to have him as a friend in this place but that is the fact (I am extremely very straight ok). So, it took me a little bit off the time to adapt to new friends. I always need extra time before saying anything about a person and I will always be. Well, I do not judge a person without accumulating all the information that I have.

I believed that July is timely enough to say what had been in the heart. Sorry to mention new but that is the most suitable words, as we had never been in the same house or group. For now, I have a damn good jalan-jalan cari makan buddy, Dr. Chicken Am. I have a good informer and workaholic Dr. Boss. I also have the walking encyclopedia Dr. Mi for education purposes, Dr. James for business and economy forecasting, the triplet jokers Dr. Fin, Dr. Mumps and Dr. Nadia. There is also Dr. Nad who is nice to be bullied. Not to forget, Dr. Zu and Dr. OD whenever my mind turns blue or when the two horns on my head grow. My days in class are wonderful because of these people. What i like most about my current group is that, they offer options whenever they argue for something. They are not only making the leader's life easy but also everyone in the group.

I do not say it because of the birthday party but simply because I wanted to. I do not say it to hurt some people but simply to express my gratitude to those mentioned. I do not say it to say that others are not good but simply to show that these people are wonderful to have in any team. I do not say it to apple polishing them but simply because they deserved the credit. I take a bow on these people for allowing me being myself and for the continuous supply of happiness in everyday life as a medical student. Thank you very much.

Monday, July 13, 2009


I am not a pure Malay (most of us pun tak) but I never forget my roots of origin. Of course, I am carrying much of its blood and proud about it but my point is that ‘ke-melayuan tidak pernah dilupakan’. Wherever I go, I still speak Malay to many others and I agree that ‘bahasa jiwa bangsa’.

However, I am disappointed with the government moves to revert teaching science and mathematics to mother tongue. This is regressive, a step backward. The decision is very much a political ploy and it should not have been this way. Nah, I blame the opposition for starting the fire. I believe, many people are benefiting learning these subjects in English and will be thankful especially when they go into tertiary education.

I have no intention to condemn Bahasa but let us talk facts.
1. How many subjects are taught in Bahasa (tertiary education) other than Bahasa itself and religion teaching?
2. Do we use Bahasa for our paperwork? Presentation? Thesis? In the university or workplace.
3. Try to browse on something for our learning. How many pages are there if we type in Bahasa? Compare it with English.
4. Science words. Are they really Bahasa or just translation? Eg: Condensation/Kondensasi. Thin Layer Chromatography/Lapisan Nipis Kromatografi. Detoxification/Detoksifikasi.
5. Simple words. Excellent/Ekselen. Relevant/Relevan. Detergent/deterjen. Manipulate/Manipulasi. Comprehensive/Komprehensif.

Something to think about huh? If the trend of direct translation continue, then Bahasa will fade one day. Is this what the Malaysians are waiting for? Nak memartabatkan Bahasa sampai terjual Bahasa? What about keling or poyo? Do these words in DBP dictionary? Why direct translation is more acceptable than the words created by our own people? Come on, Bahasa is not like those days and we have to accept that the world has changed. Believe me, we are MALAYSIANS. We will not forget our mother tongue if we learn subjects in English.

Long, short term goals review

(Study) Having heard the move taken by MOH to cut short the break allocated for undergraduates a couple of months ago, meaning some of my wishes had to be reviewed. Of course, MOH decision is more benefiting because the earlier we work, the earlier we can start enjoying our own income. It means there will be no more begging or in a polite word, no more asking money from parents and this signals the beginning of an independent life.

The EURO trip that I planned had to be re-considered because I would not want to rush enjoying my days in other’s land. It could still be realized but some other things need to be sacrificed. Whatever it is, I still have plenty of months ahead and would not want to talk about it so detail now. It is very disappointing to see the chance being reduced. However, there is no use thinking on something that is harmless and yet, has not happened. Worse come to worse, I can just join my younger brother in 3 years time to Germany if his wishes to pursue degree oversea materialized.

(Efforts) Resulting from that, I have done little changes on financial matters. Instead of allocating the money into ‘savings account’, I have placed it into my ‘investment account’. This is hopeful to maximize the returns. Oh! By the way, savings means the money that you plan to keep but invest means the extra money that you do not plan to use in the near future with hopes to multiple the profit but risk of losing the initial money.

Believe me, the poor economy is not a disaster after all. The inflation rate is high but in terms of share prices, it is definitely in favor of big returns. This is a good time to buy shares as the economy is predicted to be globally stable only by year 2011. So, buy domestic shares or funds now follow with Asian next year before setting up money in Europe or U.S.A. The great depression provides a bigger opportunity for people like me. I may have risked myself by using up almost all my cash in savings account but that is just temporary. In a year time, I will start working and it means I will have fresh, extra cash to invest as well as higher reserved cash for emergency.

(Success)You may be wondering why is this young man keep on thinking only of getting money. It is not only about it. I am just doing the right things at the right time. This is because, when the graph is in upward trend, you will very likely to enjoy profits but deficits if it is on the other graph. So, when the economy has stabled for long, that is the time for you to stop until just before it goes up again after another fall. Do you see what I see? I am glad that I have concluded my final touch on investment, hoping it to reach at least 1/3 of my class fees by end of 2015 (very small if compared to my other friends who would be getting a million by then). This is just a calculation of my current investment without putting into account of any other coming portfolios in the near future. It was finalized 2 days ago and I pray to God to make it easy for me after all the hardship and sacrificed I made : sampaikan result pun masuk tong sampah :( Now, it is purely about education. I will revise the forgotten materials and give the best for the final. Gentlemen, start your engine.