Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Very inspiring wishes from an ex-minister

“Good luck and all the best to you” said Datuk Seri Azalina to me last Sunday. I smiled and nodded my head to her while we were shaking hands. It was undescriptive as I did not expect her to have a little chat with me. She may have had lost a ministerial post in the cabinet but her recognition or VVIP status remains intact. I take her words for self-motivation, to help building up more and more confidence to deal with the outside world.

Perhaps, it is just the beginning for me. An enigmatic motion on something big in the future or it could just be an odd moment. Being me, I opt to see it optimistically. However, I am still unable to understand her last few words about me. She said “Continue breaking the girl’s heart”. I laughed and left the conversation with a smile but what is that suppose to mean? Do I look like that kind of a person who always breaks the girls heart? But for sure, she does not know about Miss N. Just last year that I broke her heart, being unable to show love on her.

Though it was quite a short period of falling for each other, I would still say that I love her and I still do. Unfortunately, my focus was on something else and I would say I was not ready to commit. Ini timing sudah silap laah. I was very unfair to her but things happen for a reason. That is why I still love all my exes. These ‘fabulous four’ had mature me intelligently. So, do not be surprised to see picture or notes of my exes in my wallet. What is already there will remain till the next one. Whatever Datuk Seri was thinking, I take it as if she was just joking. No harm to call it off.

Inside or outside the box and the ‘thinking’ theory

see overview, then go details

It is quite common to hear people saying that the men look things as a whole while the ladies look things in detailed. Is that true? Or are we just being sexist? And what makes a good manager? Isn’t he able to see things differently? Doesn’t him look at things as a whole before going detail about it? I ask again, bukankah lelaki itu pemimpin dalam keluarga? So, why don’t we just say that the men think both in general and detail? Or is it the women who balance out the thought of their men? What will be the result of playing the mind games?

It is hard to explain through writing but I will try not to make it sound complicated. Perhaps, it is good to talk about my journey this year. I have to travel to various places for classes. Hospital Serdang, Hospital Putrajaya, Hospital Kuala Lumpur, KK Dengkil, KK Bangi and possibly of Hospital Terendak or Tanjung Rambutan as well. Unlike other university or medical institution, studying in CUCMS requires the most traveling. It is either the management of the university is cuckoo or the lecturers are crazy or whatever it may be. It gives some students logistic problems and sometimes, problem in planning a holiday. The negative issues are many to list but that if you see things inside the box.

Let us try to see it from the outside. Tune our mind that it benefits us more than anything. It can be, by travel a lot, much hard work being done and that indirectly prepare us to face the bumpy roads of life in our future undertakings. Besides, there was a say quoting that travelling is a sunnah. At the end of the day, nothing comes easy and with hardship, success is the result. Now, let us try to think using the triangle theory.

After being able to see things in general, getting the right overview of a situation, we shall try to think it in detail, brief or both. Well, the ability of a person to think either in general or detail is actually up to the person himself. If he wants to be specific then he will change his focus towards that direction. How? it is the triangle formula, of general, specific and lateral thinking. We have heard about it many times before but do we understand or able to see the mapping? Here, I include what I have learnt from a pediatrician somewhere last year.

now tat u haf focus, try to see the bigger pictureUsing the same situation as example, the general view is more or less the result of our general thought. We will appreciate the situation more if go into detail or it can be the other way round. There is a 50-50% chance. What if we think not too detail and not too general? This is what we call lateral thinking. The direction of our thought is adjustable. A good decision is mostly a result of good analytical thinking. It means, balancing the percentage between detail and general thought. It can be 50-50, 45-55, 60-40 or anything depending on the situation. However, not everything needs us to think laterally. Some are purely just general and some need to be detailed. This is a skill that lies in each human. It can be explored through experience and everyday learning. As for my struggle studying in Year 4, I think laterally and traveling benefits me more as a person. I am happy though I had lost a very good friend to other group. I am able to cope because of the adjustment of thought that I do.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

UMNO now or later?

Najib has officially rules Malaysia. A few days later, Tun had rejoined UMNO and it is great news for many supporters. I was a member of ‘kelab UMNO luar negara’ and once had been critically involved in a controversial issue of de-recognition a medical university. There was a lot being done but the team I worked with was not strong enough to convince the MMA to pull back their decision. We had sleepless nights in the designated country as well as when we returned home. All for the sake of completing a solid paper work for MMA, its ministry and the premier but nothing is appreciated. The voice that had backing us also was only politicking and in a very last minute, had made a u-turn to defend the government decision. After all, they are part of the government.

By that, I decided to stay around for good. Fortunately, having educating in a very promising institution, I am now have seen the bigger picture of my previous experience. The government had done well to stick and defend their decision to de-recognize the university. Though I am agree that the learning there is beneficial lot, the irresponsible students were the thorn in sub-standardizing the quality of future doctors. The university was doomed by its own game. They had chose wrong players. I hope, the good ones around will not change into the bad ones. They must be strong!

The firm, decisive and strong government is what the people need, not the simply pick-up candidate. I would not say ‘clean’ as I do not think Malaysia are ready for that. The opposition is even worse. The government move to reshuffle its cabinet means nothing if they do not perform as they had promised. They must show their quality. I am very grateful that Muhkriz was elected as deputy minister. This reflects that they do not tolerate with people who involved in ‘money politic’. Ok, I should not elaborate more.

The return of ‘Tun’ had given me a mixed feeling. It puts me in a conflict. I had once told people that I would join UMNO locally when Tun re-join. After a few months of thoughts, I decided to join once I have secured my degree or it could even be later than that, perhaps in early 40. However, my dad had opened up this topic during the general assembly and he wants me to get involve at an early stage. He wants me to help other leaders to build up this country. I did say no because of many reasons but the ‘Tun factor’ gives me a second thought. It is possibly good enough to be at least a registered member if I do not want to be a representative. At least, it really provides the support that UMNO needs. I will discuss it with my mom before signing up and if I were to do so, I would be under Kelana Jaya division. Besides living in its area, it is lead by a person who used to be the strongest and influential man in Selangor. This state has developed well under his administration and should have done greatly if he had not overlooked some rules. I have much respect for him even though he was not my choice for the Deputy President post. His lost was expected but only to a better person.