Thursday, February 19, 2009

A small thing but helpful

Some say, we are far from the place. How can we help them? We don’t even know what they need and it is hard to give a hand when we cannot be there. Some say, I want to help but I am still depending on my parents. While others say, this is their problem, why should we interfere? They do not help us when we need any help. So, why would we?

There are too many to list. Those are the three I could remember while reading some articles on the newspaper. Well, no matter what their reason is, we shall not put ourselves in their position which, anything that surface can be avoided by giving reasons. I purposely posted this post many weeks after Palestine and Israel had achieved its ceasefire. It is simply mean to give a ‘wake up’ call to the readers who might have fallen asleep from giving a hand. It should be a continuous process not only on this issue but also to anything that may need our help.

We know that the Zionist will not sleep from torturing the Palestinians. Poor them for having a shorter cycle of life that is ‘born-grow-study-war-dead’. Many years upfront, they might even lose their land to the Zionist and the Al-Aqsa mosque will be demolished or conquered by the wrong people. That will indirectly tarnish the pride of the Muslims for failing to defend their valuable territory. Having the fastest growing religion on earth, we still fail to unite as a whole and it is extremely shameful. The Muslims in various regions will be pinpointing and try to put the blame on others. The East Asians blame the Arabs for the splitting thoughts, while the Arabs are blaming on certain parties, labeling them as extremist. Whatever it can be or may be, it is beyond our power to put things right. However, it is in our capacity to unite if we follow the simple rules stated in the Quran and Hadith. That is why we were told to use those as the guidelines in life. It may be simple but is highly effective.

That is when we talk about unity. What if we start asking ourselves on how much good deed has we did in the name of humanity? Is it enough to claim a place in heaven? And what sort of good deeds will assure our place? No one knows but we can try to fit in. How? No one knows. Haha! But I can say that if we continuously do good and no harm, then the outcomes in the later days are very promising. It is well explained in the Quran and other religion’s bible. Like a few of CUCMS lecturers have been talking about in making sincerity as the second nature to their students. Their philosophy explains when we keep on doing certain things then it will be some part of us, which is true. So, if we keep on doing good things then we will always want to do it.

It starts from now and it is never too late for anyone. As long as the person wants to bring a change in himself, then there is no issue. Everything comes from a heart and that differentiate between the living creatures from the non-living objects. Everyone regardless of their gender, race, religion, financial status or even age can help to contribute something good for the community. A lot of people think we need money to help people but that is far than true. Don’t believe ar? Doctors partially treat their patient through good communication, appropriate touch and with some knowledge on the disease.

However, if money involves, it does not necessarily require big sum of money. Let’s take donation to the mosque for discussion especially to the guys. We go for Friday prayers every week. Isn’t it good if we can donate as minimal as RM1 each session? It only cost us RM52 for the whole year! Unfortunately, I doubt the ability of the majority to reach that figure. This is because there are thousands of reasons for not making it 52 times a year. For instance, a long surgery operation that extends beyond the time for Friday prayer, no small change in the wallet, gets stuck in traffic jam, heavy rain, oversleep and et cetera. So, it is in fact less than RM52 and much cheaper than spending on a girlfriend, or even a week’s expenses! If my little brothers can afford to give, why not anyone else?

Can you imagine how much money can be save by the specific mosque if we start giving? RM1 is like nothing to us but it means a lot to a community. If a Friday prayer in a mosque can accommodate 1000 people, then the collection for the month will be RM1x1000x4weeks=Rm4000. That may help in settling the utility bills. The contribution from the government and other donations can then be used for other purposes, which benefits the people. Of course, it will be nicer if we can donate more than RM1 but being able to donate consistently is much better than being inconsistent. Let us vow for changes. Start to donate once a week regardless of the amount. Every penny does make a different. When we have started to give, call upon our brothers to do it. Make it a second nature. It helps to build a generous generation in the long run. This practice is effortless but very beneficial indeed. Do not be surprise if the money that we contribute is also being channeled to the Palestinians. So, that is a bonus pahala for us.

That is why I said, “Whenever our friends want us to help, we shall try to give them what they need as long as it does not affect or touch our individual dislikes. It is the sincere heart that counts and if you cannot do it then just say it out. Be humble, it is not wrong to say ‘no’. Of course, certain details aren't making you smile, but if you step back and look at your life as a whole, things are pretty awesome. You shape them. You colour them. Life is yours.”

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gong Xi Gong Xi :D

Happy Chinese New Year to all Chinese regardless of their religious beliefs. As the people are celebrating its new year, the year of Ox is expecting to be not much different in the beginning but promising a very sweet end. This is due to the Ox admirable strength and tenacious resolve to do well. I may not be someone who believes in feng shui or any sort of superstitious belief but it is undeniable that there is some relevant information there or perhaps correlation or coincidence. Whichever it belongs to, it is nice to read and recently I found an interesting article about the people who were born in the year of Ox.

Part of the short article writes “People who are born in the Year of the Ox appear indecisive, deliberate and slow-moving. But they are patient and persevering. When they’ve set their mind on something, they won’t give up until they’ve attained their goals. Their steady, consistent effort ultimately bring them success”. My comment is Whoah! That is almost true! I am sometimes indecisive and need the love ones to decide what is best for me. I am slow in doing my work but will complete everything that I do but I am not a perfectionist, though I was. Through the years, I have experienced a lot of things that touch my patience but I am somehow did not explode. I went through all the obstacles like how I finished my run in 110 meters hurdles during the school time and I hardly given up my goals! O yeah, my ending part is always the sweet ones.

More about them, “Ox year people are alert. Although they are not given to talking much, they can inspire confidence in others. They are very dextrous and can do almost anything with their hands. They are stubborn and hate to fail in anything they have undertaken”. Haha! Do I inspire people? I don’t know but I can do almost everything with my hands. I may not be flexible but I love being an all-rounder. I have heard people saying, “If you try to do everything, you will end up getting nothing”. That is not the case for me yet, as I have been living doing so many things and I get almost everything I wanted. It could be luck on my side, or it could be just because I was born an Ox? I am very stubborn that I listen to no one. It is not ego but I blame on the ‘kepala batu’.

Oh! No wonder. So now, it explains some part of me from the Chinese view. What about other people who are born in the same year as me? Any comment Uchnana, Farissa or others? Look back at your memory and compare :D . Just to name that Tun Dr. Mahathir and Barack Obama are Oxen. As for me, I found it quite interesting to compare. At least, I will try to improve myself especially when I look at the Ox weaknesses. Be optimistic! Sometimes, we need to try to see things differently. There is not need to be superstitious. After all, the analysis is based from our environment, the planets or whatever it may be which are still the God’s creations. This year, I am delighted to have got my ang pau, after missing it last year. I am proud to be the citizen of this country that colored with various culture. Sharing is caring, Malaysia truly Asia.