Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hapiness, it lies within

(PART 1: Angel)

A friend of mine told me that her life is completely a cycle of ying and yang. Inevitably, every good thing will be followed by bad thing. Whoah! God must have gone crazy to give then to take back the happiness. I believed, she could just be immature. There is definitely nothing’s wrong with God. Probably, she sees thing only from her view without trying to think laterally. Or she could just failed to appreciate herself. I don’t know. It is wrong for me to judge anyone on earth without knowing her deeply.

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happy kids

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Whatever it is, I am writing this in general. I wouldn’t want to compare my life with others. I am also not interested to compare anyone else’s with others. It is totally has got nothing to do with comparing but just some scenarios for me to keep on writing about happiness. Well, that is still a reflection to my blog theme “Live life to the fullest”. I would like to share this with everyone. It is just a thought to make us happy all the time. I may be wrong but at least it works on me.

Happiness, it lies within. If we can make the most of what we have got, we are happy. We do not need any external influences to be happy. The only person we need to compete with in life is ourselves. It means, appreciate everything in our life. It doesn’t matter if the situation is good or bad. Whatever happens, we can still be happy. I quote from a hadith Al-Muslim - The Phophet s.a.w. said “No one who has even an atom’s weight of pride in his heart will enter paradise”. A man asked him “ What if he likes his clothes and shoes to look good?”. The Prophet s.a.w. replied, “Allah is beautiful and loves beauty. Pride means denying the truth and looking down on other people”- So? Accept things sincerely and as it is, then you will appreciate things better than before.

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Of course, eternal happiness is when you are close to God, meaning you always do good things more than required. A lot of solat sunat and other things in favour to God. When you have knowledge, you become more pious because you understand and appreciate God’s creation. One day, I would like to tell my children some religious story and teach them adequately about Islam. It is not that I want to delay it or whatsoever. It is just that when I devote, I would like to see myself sticking to the same principle. At the moment, I simply do not trust my ability to go through His tests. I am really afraid if I do it in the fast pace, I would forget some basic principles and drown. ‘Kesederhanaan itu adalah lebih baik’. So, I will do it in a moderate pace. Our Prophet was given the best quality of character but only become a Prophet at the age of 40. There were many reasons behind that story. (if it is wrong for me to say these, then I will remove it from my blog).

I list down some scenarios (nak list semua is infinity kot) where people claimed to be their downturn of glory. Ok. It is not the worst thing but some bad memories, which erased the smile from their face.
1. Divorce
2. Cancellation of marriage
3. Unfaithful partner
4. Failed to pass major exam
5. Studied for 10 year or more but still no degree in hand (changed courses)
6. Death of the loved ones
7. Bankruptcy
8. Poverty

(i had classes but bg pian xde..so, he brought lunch for me- tats wat i call a brother)

Rules no 2: Do not stop and stare. Move on and say to yourself that you need to do better! The success doesn’t come in a fortnight but once you have started working out your plans, you will be running again. m1v1 = m2v2 : so? Once you are happy (or at least bring yourself out from the misery and smile), then you will be happy. Again, it is you.

What about knowing that you are at risk of getting infected with Hepatitis B? That will sound miserable if you keep on thinking negatively especially when you still have more than 30 years to live (on paper). This is a true story of my dear friend who had accidentally putting herself at risk. No, it’s not right to say that. It was needle prick injury not putting. How would you react? How would her life be?

---to b continued

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Return of Arra-gorn

People used to tell me that I am such an arrogant person. Yeah, I admit that since I hardly speak to unknown people. My communication was critically ill but as I grow, it improved gradually. Studying medicine made me realise the importance of having good communication. It was boosted by CUCMS grading. I reflect myself and called for changes. I took every opportunity, which I believed would help making me a better person. Swensen’s brought many positive elements into my life. My perception too had been modified by this place. A lot of physical work and little pay are nothing compared to the experience I had had. I managed to pull myself down to earth by doing some low profile job. Of course, the main objective was to learn about business but it was also on grinding my own affective domain. It is all about courtesy.

“Bt be humble” says Miss Z to me last weekend. It triggered my mind to re-look on myself. I do not take this as a threat or in a negative way. I am young and still in the years of learning. I would not mind to be criticised as long as I believed it is for the better. It could just be a word and nothing intentionally but I took that, as I was not being humble enough. Meaning, there is room for improvement. All that comes at the right time. I am on holiday and it reminds me of my elective course. Without any hesitation, I called my ex-boss and accepted his offer to work for a week. It has never been about the money. I just want to be the doctor who his patients love him very much. I just want to make people happy in any way that I can come out with.

My first day was superbly being welcomed. ‘Zam! Nak makan apa?’ Wah! I was surprised that the kitchen people wanted to cook for me. I remembered those days when I became the only service staff who eats in the kitchen. It is different. Swensen’s has two different managements (Service & Kitchen). I always joined them and makan mcm org merempat dkt dapur tu. Besides unforgettable moments and experience, I get more foods there (Yum Yum! I love to eat!). The two big heads of Swensen’s came to me at different time to ask about medical stuffs. I am glad that both the affective and the cognitive domains are tested. Having the mind to learn, I managed to smile back at those customers who complained about the poor services we had. WoW! That is something new. I was not angry at all. I hope, I will maintain this positive attitude. My mom will be happy if she knows this. She didn’t like me following the footstep of my father in his young age. A fierce father but has become softer after that. Now, I am happy that I actually made effort for myself. It is reaching the end but I am glad to have made use the holiday wisely.


I am so much into Football, Audio-System, Car, Photography and Electronic gadgets. It has been a childhood hobbies and look certain to stay in the heart for long. The only one out from the list was plane or jet-like stuffs. I wanted to become a pilot of either commercial or fighter planes. I applied for the academy before I pursued my education in medicine but I heard nothing about it. I did not put any effort to find out about my application. Intuitively, I deeply believed that my area is not in the air borne. It said ‘medicine is for you’. I will be given the ‘Hand of God’ to help people. It doesn’t require a single cent from me to help people. I agreed and pushed for it and now I am already half the journey.

Nothing beats football (Oh! Really?). I love it. It makes me happy even when I am deeply hurt. I do not understand how it works but it really helps. I felt pressure in Surgery but it ‘depleted’ when we started to play Futsal, even when it was a mixed team. Of course, this time, it was about some individuals who created the negativity in my surrounding. I was stress and prayed to be out from this a.s.a.p. God loves me very much that He answered my prayer. (tp masih buat dosa lagi, Aduh!)

My collection of Audio-System is complete. I am happy with it and not asking for more until I buy a house. That will be different, as some money will go to set up the home theatre. I can sing, play music, watch movies or football with whoever lives there. MP3 or CD player was not in the list since I chose not to hear my mom’s lecture. She will say things over and over again because she doesn’t like those stuffs on my ears. She didn’t want her son to be labelled 'sound trouble' later on.

Car will be something in the future to grab on. I am not really into modifying cars but I prefer to have all sort of cars in the house. Sporty, Sedan, Four wheeled, MPV and small car (MyVi sudah, don’t need a mini minor). It is nice to sit in the sports car and go kai-kai with the special ones. Sedan will be used to drive to work. Four-wheeled is for ‘balik kampung time’ or for the wife to fetch the children from school. Gosh! I love to see that! It also makes her a hot gorgeous wife! MPV is when the family gets bigger. Small car is for you to go shopping. It is easy to fit in the small space when the car park is full. Wah! So many? Can I afford these?

Photography? Once I get my own salary, I will buy the SLR camera for myself. I blamed the damn bloody robber! A few years ago, I was so close of having the SLR camera if it was not because of him/them! Now, it has turn digitalised and even more expensive that I can’t spend for it. Monthly allowance would be cut down if my parents see me buying those stuffs. Once i have it, I will not stopped taking picture of my sweetheart!

Electronic gadgets? It is heaven to have the ‘canggih-canggih’ stuffs. Since the new technology comes every three months, this is my least priority of collection. Handphone is the only thing out from the list. I am somehow not into phones. After all this, I doubt myself about being a millionaire :P How could I when I love to spend? In the future, it will even be worse. Now, I am feeling the heat for the increased petrol. In years to come, many will be felt. Anyway, I will not stop trying. It is satisfying to work and earn then to spend on something you love.