Sunday, June 29, 2008

Losing d battle?

It was a bad week. After three days of meetings, I made a decision to pull out from the proposed event. This is the first time ever I quit the game without fighting for it. It was frustrating that I am no longer as strong as who I used to be. Many things seem to be different. Was it myself, my approach or others’ fault? I will not sit back just to think about it. I am tired of making everyone happy or even trying to do it. It is all about moving with the flow now. No matter what things I am up to, I will not go against the current. I could be thinking, one person will not do any different to the population. Oh shit! How difference can it be if I opt to stick moving in the opposite way? I am only complicating my life and drag it into the negative situations.

Sadly, I had to choose to cancel the drift show. Ops! It was planned to be a carnival instead. Paintball, Minibike and futsal were included for the orphan. Unfortuntely, the flow was not as smooth as we thought. The involvement of MyTV3 doesn’t help to attract some parties. The sponsorship pending and I have no confidence in them to get it on time. It looks like a ‘Misery business’ and I had to pull out for the sake of my group. It was not my call alone. We discussed about it.

I offered myself to them. I called for the new organisation. I tried to look around but failed again to get committed people. Perhaps, God says, it brings more harm than good values to the children. I do not know. I hope, whatever happens is good for every one. I am deeply sorry for giving up on this. This time, i have to accept that i have lost the battle. Ya, sometimes, things do not go our way.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

low caste or high caste?

I have heard people mentioning, this job is for kool people and that job is for kool-lie. Why should there be discrimination? Do the profession teaches us to choose whom to respect? It sounds like we are still in the Stone Age. Let’s talk about the female cabin crew or in layman term stewardesses. How insulting the job can be? I have heard people saying, they are just a cleaner who works onboard. Oh really? How much do you people know about what it takes to be a stewardess? And why compare it to the cleaner? Is cleaning something bad? Hmm.. Anyway, do the cleaner sit for an interview? Do the cleaner sit for exams? Do the cleaner being certified? Do the cleaner learn how to deliver babies during emergency? Can them reply with a smile when being scolded? Can them comfort the passengers during emergency? Do they attend a 4month course valued at RM20k? Do these show the similarities? Should I say, compare it to the medical personnel? What about the nurses? They clean the patient, from his body to his feces and bed. They entertain the patient even when he is categorized as a psycho. They clean the dirt make by doctors. So? Nurses are also a cleaner then. Weird though, I cannot agree that being a stewardess is a piece of shit. How could I?

It is not about winning or debating but something to think about. What if our daughter is a stewardess? Less likely, just because being a doctor we are good in raising our children? Oh! How sure are we to be there 24/7? Tell me, baik sangat ke anak-anak polis? If someone who is very discipline in practising the law can’t even make their children be like themselves, how could we realise that? Train and educate them? Ops! I forgot! I don’t even listen to my parents. How do I make them listen to me? Look at the mirror before insulting people because we would end up insulting ourselves. ‘Mcm org bodoh yg ludah ke langit, kena muka sendiri’. What if our spouse or we die before we could raise her? She would eventually on her own without her parents love. That makes the different. The orphan wouldn’t have as much love as those raised by parents. Then, she chooses to be a stewardess. Wouldn’t we be ashamed to know that from above (heaven/hell)?

We are just human. We don’t even know how our future will be. So, do not say things as we wish just because we think we are ‘perfect’ or good. Allah can twist everything. One day, we might be getting those things if insulting is apart of us. That is even more pathetic. Let’s not forget, we are not doctors, yet. Anything can happen. Doctors are not necessarily good people. Some do smoke, arrogant, promiscuous and many more. We could also be the cause of our patient’s death. ‘Doktor yg jahil ialah doktor yg lalai terhadap pesakitnya’ – Prof ARAR likes to say it. Haven’t we being reminded to do something sincerely, with our heart? Come on. If we respect people then they will also respect us. Every profession has it owns value. Don’t judge a person from her profession. I had a stewardess girlfriend for years but I do not remember having sex with her! Does that explain? Don’t jump into a conclusion without using your brain. Sometimes, it is just ‘sebabkan nila, susu sebelanga rosak’.

I still remember, I used to go in and out of my matriculation campus like no body business. Why? Simply because someone had told the security not to stop me from going out. That person is only a cleaner. Surprised huh? From power-less to power-full. She used to call me to drop at her place, mostly during weekends. She cooked for me. She treated me like her own son. Don’t say she likes me and wants me to marry her daughter because her daughter is already married with one son! Inarguably, there was no hidden intention. She earns very little but willing to spend some just for me even when I am not related to her. That really touched the bottom of my heart. My pocket money almost equalled to her monthly salary, or could have been more.

(dun under estimate hantu gak)

Always try to put yourself into their shoes. I believed, xde siapa yang suka dihina. If you are the stewardess or cleaner, you would say it is unfair. Just because you provide services, it does not mean you give yourself to them. I am not defending anyone. Just a thought for those who read my blog to avoid undervalue anyone. Do APPRECIATE people around us. I was someone who judged people easily. If you just realise what I just realised, then stop the nonsense. One of the reasons why I dyed my hair and worked in a cafe as the elective course was to change my perspective. Whenever people looked down at me because of my hair or the cleaner job, I am very happy. It really teaches me to be humble. My colleague called me the doctor who make ice cream, sweeps the floor and clean the kitchen. It makes me think, there is no big deal being a doctor. I should not discriminate people instead help them as far as I could. The people in the café, they have various background but all show a lot of respect. They appreciate all the customers. Why? Because the people give them every opportunity to keep their job. No customer no job.

No matter what her profession is, a cleaner or a stewardess, will not suggest bad people. They deserve some respect like every other creature. Most of us will get married one day and have children. Let see, who will they be in the future. Stop criticising people. We are only making out a fool of ourselves. We may be laughing now but do not forget, it can be the other way round in the future. Start appreciating people around us regardless of their profession. Do not rule out the possibility of an unemployed person to help us even when it involves money. We may not realise the importance of a person now but one day, our enemy can be the saviour for tomorrow. Think about it.

(1st perception: promoting justea, reality:future doctor with a biochem degree)