Monday, March 31, 2008

Thank you God!

Thank you God! for everything… my life is getting better and better each day. No doubt, the obstacle that I have to go through is getting tougher but having the mind of great people, I am surely will be one of those who succeed without leaving behind Your words, Insyaallah. Please bless my journey and give me strength to care continuously. Let the world be as it is but please give me the aura that can improve others’ pain. Ameen.

Infirmary, Internally oriented

29 March 2008: It’s the fourth weekends of Internal medicine posting and it means I’m already half way leaving an interesting block. The learning reminds me of a 110 metre hurdles event where, there are 10 hurdles to go over before reaching the finishing line. It is not easy but also never been hard to complete the race. There was once, that I had to run with an injured leg during the MSSS competition. I would have limped out to reserve pride but I opted to complete the race even when it took twice the winner’s timing. It was the effect of the rules ‘nothing is impossible in this world’ which I have had in mind for many years. Besides, it does not look nice to do something incomplete.

Studying internal medicine means you have to know about everything, from the art of clerking to applying scientific information. Busy and hectic but splendid live. Hospital has become a home at late. Nothing is new. The priority is the patient’s condition and their needs. A doctor must do not think only about himself especially the product of CUCMS. We have been taught well by our beloved lecturers to be nice to people. No matter how much obstacles ahead, we must not surrender and to lose without fights. We must always give the best for everyone and not be the ‘jahil’ doctor (adoi! nnt kena jawab dgn Tuhan, dahlar mati sorang2, xbley nak tgk jawapan).

I have many things in hands to review. Only Abg. Pian is around accompanying me finishing some important works. The target is obvious, that is to be free and to avoid unwelcome pressure before exam. I’m changing for the better future. It is the beginning of the new phase in my life. I am hunger for more success.
camni lar abg pian looking after me

Sunday, March 23, 2008

End of 'crisis'

It sounds terrible to be spending two months receiving a lot of unseen or unclear education. It was seriously a ‘dark ages’ in my clinical years. Worse still, it was at the beginning of the clinical years. I am not aware how much has it affect me but the consequences of this terrible dictatorship are still playing over my head. It was obvious to see the hypocrites who claimed to be pious people had oppressed me and some other friends. It is a shit isn’t it? I pray to Allah, please open their eyes and show the sins they have done on innocent people who were there only to gain knowledge. It is not just a thought or believes but something that had happened. I shared it with many others and have got a video showing how much an outsider, a half century lady being unhappy with those people.

I believe God in total. I believe He will protect me from human with the evil face. I would not worry because they will get the punishment later. They can do anything but I would like their actions to be reflected. It is not about grudge but it is about the pride of YM3 in general. I would want God to show the public that we were at the good side. I would want the public to understand that we did not simply trying to go overboard. It was all about justice.

Now, it has been four weeks I am out of the manmade ‘Hell’. I am in Terendak, living in a resort without space to cook, machine to wash own clothes and privacy. Only air-cond is 24 hours but it is not a necessity to me since I don’t on my aircond at home. So, the air-cond doesn’t make any difference. I am disappointed about the inability to stay on my own for better equipment. I end up swallowing other people’s mistake and to bear with it.

However, the education here is much different, relevant and better. I spent a lot of time in the hospital polishing my clinical skills. The patients are mostly co-operative. Perhaps, the chemistry is formed through the same political interest. Hehe. It’s the Blue homeland here. The lecturers are great and fun. Special praised to Prof. Rashid and Kolonel Dr. Azmi. I have learnt so much in this short period of time. Of course, Prof is the one to be afraid of, but his words are all about building great doctors. I quote some of his words ‘Knowledge is whether u know it or u know how to find it fast’ and ‘In life, if something goes wrong means u have forgotten the basic principles’. Meanwhile, Kolonel is the one that provides security and fun. His positive personality makes everyone enjoy to be under him. I did not have to pretend being someone else. He is just like Prof Nasa without his big laughs.