Thursday, January 17, 2008

Public hell, not public health...

I have heard lecturers talking about how much fun they had during the posting. They communicate bilaterally with the community and enjoy an unforgettable experience. However, those are just an illusion for group YM3. The scenario is much different and personally I would call it a disaster. Supervised by an inexperience academician who says punctuality is important to determine the quality of a doctor but did not practise whatever he has said. It is not about commenting or giving negative feedback but I am afraid to have losing some respect on certain individuals. We were questioned many times by the hospital staffs why did no one mention about our visit. Is it our fault for the last minute information? One thing for sure, we look like a beggar who starves for sympathy. Adding to the miserable days is to employ a ‘nonsense’ lecturer. It has never been wrong to take the sphygmomanometer and practise but that no longer happen. She seems to be ‘extraordinary’.

And who would be so out of their mind to reject a simple proposal for 5 times? How could you comment on it when u just receive the report and have not even looked through it? How could two lecturers giving two contra opinions on improving the report writing? How could someone say we did not do our work when we spend most of the time completing the report? Why did he say ‘don’t humiliate the group’s name by flirting with the participant’s daughters ’. Did he forget about professionalism? Every of us understand the limits of doctor-patient relationship. Besides, I have designed my own scope in choosing girls. Damn! We are also lagging behind in implementing our own project. Thanks to him for being M.I.A. a couple of times. Oh God! Please do something. Am I resilient enough to go through something that is much contra to the previous exposure I had in CUCMS? Where is the touch of a dedicated lecturer who cares for his student? Where is the sense of flexibility in shaping good doctors? Where is the sign of appreciation? All I saw in this frustrating block was dictatorship with a lot of hypocrisy.