Saturday, November 17, 2007

Please stop it...

Sometimes, I miss the environment studying with the Chinese. They hardly create stories or interfere into other’s personal matter. Critically sounds discriminative but I speak with basis. ‘Kiasu’ makes those people work hard for their self-satisfaction, which lead to a guaranteed positive outcome. They have no time to gossip on unnecessary issues. Having spent the whole 3-years (including matriculation) in Malay culture, I saw a significant different. The only dissappointment is too much of care. It is annoying to hear people talking about each other’s life and worse still, creating stories as well as making use of other’s name. It is terrible when you get bang out of nowhere. Kononnya, I say this, I say that. Truthfully, I don’t get it. Why can’t we live normally as in, share the happiness with everyone? Ini tidak, orang duduk senyap-senyap pun ada jugak yang buat cerita tak betul. Please! Give me some space to breathe! Jangan ganggu boleh tak? I nak duduk diam-diam, enjoying every beautiful moment in my life with whoever I want to share. Oh! Btw, this isn’t about girls.

Sutera 1-1-5

I do not know how to thank the ‘original penghuni of Sutera 1-1-5’. Time flies. I had stayed there for nearly 2 months. Seriously, I almost rent a room in Cyberia just for the sake of Professional exam. There were many things in my mind and I did not want to end up being a lone ranger. It will increase the possibility of me being a psycho who lives like a stone with bricks around me! I loitered and shamelessly asked these people a favor. I requested the hall and offered to be included in any living expenses. I did not see any look of hesitation; instead these two words ‘stay lar’. It was a little surprise as their house was fully occupied. Who will accept another creature in the house when there were already various characters to dwell with? They refused to collect the house rental but to pay only the utility bills showed how incalculative they are. Worse still, lazy bump like me who allergy to dust never clean the house. Toilet? Never touch the brush! Car wash and laundry are the only washings I can tolerate with! I am uncomfortable with ‘wet surfaces’ (oooh! How sure am I???). That is why I dislike shaking hands with Malik! His hands 24/7 sweat! Thank God, the people here take cleanliness as important as other responsibility. I would have paid a cleaner to clean the house if everyone as annoying as I am. Thank you Zaimi, Adi, Adli, Boss, Bapak, Haris, Apek, Afiq and Keke.
toilet yg ada 'sinar'
this is wher my shit ends
before discussion
mini library???
when the people landed!

I brought along my old habit when I moved in that is to stay there only during the weekdays. I have tried till the last week (Pro Exam week) to stay during the weekend but yet still failed to keep my foot there. Gosh! I did not know what am I missing. I simply love homey! Perhaps, sticking around the family makes me feel secure and boost my confidence. I do not know what will happen later when we start our clinical posting. Though it scattered but having failed to avoid returning to the little heaven each weekend for two years ++ make me worried. This raised a question to myself, since when I am so dependent? Whatever it is, the continuous support from the family what matters most. I enjoy these moments like a never-ending story. Well, better grab while you can!
welcome to sutera 1-1-5
illegal parking space :P
gud home to live in
full house especially after subuh prayers---