Monday, October 22, 2007

year 2008

Someone said to me, “you are a student who gets very little from your parents, how much can you spend on me?”. That surprised me a lot! I could not imagine my effort was left ignored. I settled her debt, car installment, house rental and even more. Did she realise these? I am not equipped with tonnes of money, but at least, my sincerity to help others is true. God is fair enough. He had repaired all the damages and now, I am very happy to see the outcomes. My savings got quadrupled since then! Hooray! 2008 is the year that I am looking forward with a lot of focus to double the joy. More to come and I always believe that the ending is always better than the beginning. And I know, I have a great mind and enough knowledge to make me a millionaire in the future. It is just a matter of time to put me in that position.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Don’t care

I have adapted to this policy for quite some time. It invites more positive situations rather than the negative ones to me. The statement can be confusing and misleading but relevant. One day, Bell asked me to define it but in split second I became expressive aphasia. Tetiba ada plak gangguan bekalan elektrik in my Broca’s area. I ended d topic as my mind had gone into the sleeping mode.

The following day, I saw Uchnana status on YM. It was written “baked butter chicken + sambal udang petai + kerabu taknak taugeh”. Wahhhhh!!! I was quite excited to find another person who hates taugeh! Kita satu geng! But while I was trying to sleep, teringat plak pasal taugeh nih...Eh! I find it incomplete not to have taugeh in Popia or Japenese foods. So, it sparked me about yesterday’s statement ‘don’t care but care’ tu.

When I said I don’t care, somehow I have to care jugak..sama lar, even though I hate taugeh so mmmmuuch, I still love it on different occasions. Hehehe... The thing is, bukan guer enggak mau kisah or being sensitive toward others. Just, it is annoying when I care for them but they do not bother to listen. Tu yg geram sangatttttt! Pastu biler ada masalah datang terhegeh-hegeh minta tolong. When I refuse to, buat masam muka la pulak. Apakah??? Menaikkan tensi ke tahap maximum! Haish….

Of course I don’t expect them to follow my opinions 100% but tolonglah at least consider to think bout it. Ni takde, reject bulat2. Kalau dah rasa idea sendiri bagus sangat, kenapa datang minta tolong? Suka bangat buang masa guer. Like I have nuthin better to do. However, since my profession is all about caring, mmg x dpt nak elak lah. My parents have beautifully raised me with a lot of care. Lagi2 plak, belajar kat CUCMS yg bermoto kan ‘nurturing the passion to care’. So, I am equipped with triple dose of care! Wahhh!!! But after some experience I had gone through, I choose which matter to care and which matter to ignore. It is hard to apply but I alwiz say to myself “nevermind, God is there to help them, i can't please everyone all d time, i'm a human too”.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

What’s her problem?

Would u come into someone’s life and give comments on his writing without giving salam? When she doesn’t even know you and far from being a friend? Sometimes, all these things make me wonder, how do girls have so much of time interfering into other’s life? Why can’t they just mind their own business? I don’t entertain craps but if it falls to be my duty to consult her, then I wouldn’t mind to spend some time. At least, I give my best to help her going out from the negative space, which allow her viewing the bigger and better picture of the situation. What’s wrong with adding her as a friend on friendster? When she messages me through the same page? Why did she reply with more pathetic words? Is she a psycho? Why did I entertain her at the first place? Perhaps, I have no problem dealing with these kinds of attitude people. I have seen many throughout my life. Anyhow, the more she writes to me, the more awful she becomes. Did she realise about herself showing more and more weaknesses??? Good luck to her

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Optimistic or Pessimistic

Occupying the 7th placing in the recent sports carnival jogathon indicated that the time to let go the stubbornness of winning has arrived. It is a consecutive fall after I had attended the time trial for SIPMA. The time I clocked was far behind my personal best due to the lack of work out for many years. I am aware of the below par fitness, although I was named to take part in 200m and was the back up runner of 4x100m. Realistically, being 22 signalised the end of tough physical activity and the start of more mental response.

<-- stop jogging kejap juz to take pic wit faha n dae hehe:P

The sweetness of holding some records in school competition and the chance to conquer district level along the years in secondary school as well as to run bearing the name of ‘Selangor’ in my peak years is no more than a memory. I shall endeavour on academic matters and creatively taking my mental ability onto the highest peak. Of course, I am not talking about being geeky but to find other fields that suit with age. These all need to be analysed and considered for the sake of bringing out the best of me. Experimental trial is not harmful in fact it matures a person uniquely. Sometimes, we must do the thing that we think we cannot do.