Monday, July 23, 2007

CuCmS d BeSt!

The jokers of CUCMS lined up for Cyberjaya Badminton Championship last Saturday. We were underdog having been in the same group as MP Sepang and Bomba. With the mentality of ‘Malaysia Boleh’ we brought our army along to support and give confidence during the games. Our ‘pom pom’ girls were awesome and created a lot of noise in the hall. Every opponent was terrified. Surprisingly, my partner, Pian showed them his supernatural power. Everyone who knows him never thought that he gonna publicly advertised himself. I blamed the opponent fully. They smashed on the left side of Pian when he was expecting the ball to go to his right. His immediate response was to be in ‘kangkang kuda’ with the left hand showing an ‘abugit’ movement. Everyone who watched that game laughed for minutes! The match stopped for the free iklan! Hahahaha! We really played for fun. Luckily, the maximum point to collect was 5. We lost 5-0 and 4-1. If not, we would almost duplicate Malaysia football team. CUCMS is the best in Support!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


The clock is ticking very fast, moving forward very smoothly. It does not wait for anyone and consistently mature a person. Comes, 28 June 2007, I have been living for 22 years but experience the world in its true colors only half of the span. For the first time I had not injected any hopes or waited for any surprise. I was quite busy organizing the coming fiesta. Of course, I could have spared some for my entertainment but being me, prioritizing the list was nothing more important than the given responsibility.

Being brought up in a fine family, I always appreciate every value in the institution. Without them or specifically my parents, means I lose the best companion of all. They are simply complete. They are my guidance, they are my friends and they are also my supporters. I never hide anything from them. Every of my ups and downs, every of my laugh and cries, my past and my future, I never missed sharing it with them.

That is why I never get bored spending hours to days with the loved ones. They simply make up my day and continuously create happiness. This is also pointing to the personal relationship with the special one, as I am not a womanizer, not into puppy love, not into things that is unclear. Once I saw the beauty which lies beneath, and she convinces me through her actions, I will commit and devote the fragile heart only to her but yet, not so soon. The time will come. It may sound as simple as a finger flick but just look at the pigeons. They look very friendly but will run away if you come near them. I love socializing but never interested to get really close to any girl. Perhaps, being an observant is always me.

I am so absorbed that I didn't notice how much time had passed. Wow! How did that happen, and can I make it happen again? Two weeks have passed but here I am, still enjoying my days as though today is my birthday. I am thankful to still be having the loved ones around. No one comforts me like they do. I celebrated being 22 in Pizza Hut, Subang Parade. I had a wonderful gift. I could not ask for more as they have limited my wishes! I have got all I wanted. I am certainly not lacking any of my needs. 28 June 2007 completes me. The time to start achieving my dreams has just begun. There are more to come from me. It is about time for me to serve the nation. I pray to God not to slip along the route of success. -JULY 12-

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

oVeR iT :P

Wanting you,
To be wanting me,
No that ain't no way to be,
How I feel,
Read my lips,
Because I'm so over,
I'm so,
Moving on,
And it's my time,
You never were a friend of mine,
Hurt at first,
A little bit,
And now I'm so over,
So over it,
I'm so over it,

Look who's alone now,
It's not me. It's not me.
I'm here enjoying myself very much
Looking for a brighter future
As i never in debt, never stuck 4 money
I'm a happy person, living life to the fullest
The world that i create bringing out the best of me
Making my dreams a possible event
For glory, pleasure & humanity