Monday, June 18, 2007

What does it mean when you hear me say ‘no time’?

Does ‘no time’ really exist? The Almighty has given us 24 hours in a day and that has never been short for me. I am happy with the way I am spending it. I always believe that in whatever things we are offered or had to do, there is always time to do it well. Of course, the quality of work that we do is related to the time frame given as well as other supported materials but realistically, time never runs out. It is always there. We see the same figure on the clock each day. If we don’t use it wisely, then we are wasting our time. We must bear in mind that time passes and it will never come again. Each day is a different day no matter if the day, date or month is the same. The year is always running and showing the difference. So, if you hear me say ‘no time’, then it means that I am not interested to allocate it for you. If I am being a little nicer, I will say ‘sorry’ in front of it but if I am slightly straight to the point, there will be ‘for it’ following the words. Time never runs but it passes.


My life in the future looks likely to be in a well organised manner. None of my good friends pursued into the same field in tertiary education. It provides an extraordinary opportunity for me to be a multi-tasking person. I can treat people, I can have my own lab for research, I can start my own business, I can have a restaurant, I can be a consultant in telecommunications services, I can have a music studio and all can be done without any worries. Soon, I can have my personal lawyer and a coach for my son as well. It is amazing to know people in various professions. It enables us to work on something much easier when we don’t have to waste time developing the trust in someone.
• Nani : the manager
• Ary : the producer with IT background
• Kamal : the bio-technologist
• Zammil : the telco solver
• Mus : the pharmacist
• Juli : the coach and
• Hsian : the lawyer.
Every name I mentioned above is excellent. They think systematically and analytically with positive vision in mind; they have strong determination to excel, do not easily give up, passionate and not to forget, they are comedians as well. I may sound arrogant but this writing is meant to praise them and is part of my appreciation. Hopefully, we will remain good friends till my last breath in this world. Nothing is impossible but all we need to do at this moment is to get through the first stage that is to have the official scroll. I can make the best of my life because I work with the best.