Saturday, November 17, 2007

Please stop it...

Sometimes, I miss the environment studying with the Chinese. They hardly create stories or interfere into other’s personal matter. Critically sounds discriminative but I speak with basis. ‘Kiasu’ makes those people work hard for their self-satisfaction, which lead to a guaranteed positive outcome. They have no time to gossip on unnecessary issues. Having spent the whole 3-years (including matriculation) in Malay culture, I saw a significant different. The only dissappointment is too much of care. It is annoying to hear people talking about each other’s life and worse still, creating stories as well as making use of other’s name. It is terrible when you get bang out of nowhere. Kononnya, I say this, I say that. Truthfully, I don’t get it. Why can’t we live normally as in, share the happiness with everyone? Ini tidak, orang duduk senyap-senyap pun ada jugak yang buat cerita tak betul. Please! Give me some space to breathe! Jangan ganggu boleh tak? I nak duduk diam-diam, enjoying every beautiful moment in my life with whoever I want to share. Oh! Btw, this isn’t about girls.

Sutera 1-1-5

I do not know how to thank the ‘original penghuni of Sutera 1-1-5’. Time flies. I had stayed there for nearly 2 months. Seriously, I almost rent a room in Cyberia just for the sake of Professional exam. There were many things in my mind and I did not want to end up being a lone ranger. It will increase the possibility of me being a psycho who lives like a stone with bricks around me! I loitered and shamelessly asked these people a favor. I requested the hall and offered to be included in any living expenses. I did not see any look of hesitation; instead these two words ‘stay lar’. It was a little surprise as their house was fully occupied. Who will accept another creature in the house when there were already various characters to dwell with? They refused to collect the house rental but to pay only the utility bills showed how incalculative they are. Worse still, lazy bump like me who allergy to dust never clean the house. Toilet? Never touch the brush! Car wash and laundry are the only washings I can tolerate with! I am uncomfortable with ‘wet surfaces’ (oooh! How sure am I???). That is why I dislike shaking hands with Malik! His hands 24/7 sweat! Thank God, the people here take cleanliness as important as other responsibility. I would have paid a cleaner to clean the house if everyone as annoying as I am. Thank you Zaimi, Adi, Adli, Boss, Bapak, Haris, Apek, Afiq and Keke.
toilet yg ada 'sinar'
this is wher my shit ends
before discussion
mini library???
when the people landed!

I brought along my old habit when I moved in that is to stay there only during the weekdays. I have tried till the last week (Pro Exam week) to stay during the weekend but yet still failed to keep my foot there. Gosh! I did not know what am I missing. I simply love homey! Perhaps, sticking around the family makes me feel secure and boost my confidence. I do not know what will happen later when we start our clinical posting. Though it scattered but having failed to avoid returning to the little heaven each weekend for two years ++ make me worried. This raised a question to myself, since when I am so dependent? Whatever it is, the continuous support from the family what matters most. I enjoy these moments like a never-ending story. Well, better grab while you can!
welcome to sutera 1-1-5
illegal parking space :P
gud home to live in
full house especially after subuh prayers---

Monday, October 22, 2007

year 2008

Someone said to me, “you are a student who gets very little from your parents, how much can you spend on me?”. That surprised me a lot! I could not imagine my effort was left ignored. I settled her debt, car installment, house rental and even more. Did she realise these? I am not equipped with tonnes of money, but at least, my sincerity to help others is true. God is fair enough. He had repaired all the damages and now, I am very happy to see the outcomes. My savings got quadrupled since then! Hooray! 2008 is the year that I am looking forward with a lot of focus to double the joy. More to come and I always believe that the ending is always better than the beginning. And I know, I have a great mind and enough knowledge to make me a millionaire in the future. It is just a matter of time to put me in that position.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Don’t care

I have adapted to this policy for quite some time. It invites more positive situations rather than the negative ones to me. The statement can be confusing and misleading but relevant. One day, Bell asked me to define it but in split second I became expressive aphasia. Tetiba ada plak gangguan bekalan elektrik in my Broca’s area. I ended d topic as my mind had gone into the sleeping mode.

The following day, I saw Uchnana status on YM. It was written “baked butter chicken + sambal udang petai + kerabu taknak taugeh”. Wahhhhh!!! I was quite excited to find another person who hates taugeh! Kita satu geng! But while I was trying to sleep, teringat plak pasal taugeh nih...Eh! I find it incomplete not to have taugeh in Popia or Japenese foods. So, it sparked me about yesterday’s statement ‘don’t care but care’ tu.

When I said I don’t care, somehow I have to care jugak..sama lar, even though I hate taugeh so mmmmuuch, I still love it on different occasions. Hehehe... The thing is, bukan guer enggak mau kisah or being sensitive toward others. Just, it is annoying when I care for them but they do not bother to listen. Tu yg geram sangatttttt! Pastu biler ada masalah datang terhegeh-hegeh minta tolong. When I refuse to, buat masam muka la pulak. Apakah??? Menaikkan tensi ke tahap maximum! Haish….

Of course I don’t expect them to follow my opinions 100% but tolonglah at least consider to think bout it. Ni takde, reject bulat2. Kalau dah rasa idea sendiri bagus sangat, kenapa datang minta tolong? Suka bangat buang masa guer. Like I have nuthin better to do. However, since my profession is all about caring, mmg x dpt nak elak lah. My parents have beautifully raised me with a lot of care. Lagi2 plak, belajar kat CUCMS yg bermoto kan ‘nurturing the passion to care’. So, I am equipped with triple dose of care! Wahhh!!! But after some experience I had gone through, I choose which matter to care and which matter to ignore. It is hard to apply but I alwiz say to myself “nevermind, God is there to help them, i can't please everyone all d time, i'm a human too”.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

What’s her problem?

Would u come into someone’s life and give comments on his writing without giving salam? When she doesn’t even know you and far from being a friend? Sometimes, all these things make me wonder, how do girls have so much of time interfering into other’s life? Why can’t they just mind their own business? I don’t entertain craps but if it falls to be my duty to consult her, then I wouldn’t mind to spend some time. At least, I give my best to help her going out from the negative space, which allow her viewing the bigger and better picture of the situation. What’s wrong with adding her as a friend on friendster? When she messages me through the same page? Why did she reply with more pathetic words? Is she a psycho? Why did I entertain her at the first place? Perhaps, I have no problem dealing with these kinds of attitude people. I have seen many throughout my life. Anyhow, the more she writes to me, the more awful she becomes. Did she realise about herself showing more and more weaknesses??? Good luck to her

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Optimistic or Pessimistic

Occupying the 7th placing in the recent sports carnival jogathon indicated that the time to let go the stubbornness of winning has arrived. It is a consecutive fall after I had attended the time trial for SIPMA. The time I clocked was far behind my personal best due to the lack of work out for many years. I am aware of the below par fitness, although I was named to take part in 200m and was the back up runner of 4x100m. Realistically, being 22 signalised the end of tough physical activity and the start of more mental response.

<-- stop jogging kejap juz to take pic wit faha n dae hehe:P

The sweetness of holding some records in school competition and the chance to conquer district level along the years in secondary school as well as to run bearing the name of ‘Selangor’ in my peak years is no more than a memory. I shall endeavour on academic matters and creatively taking my mental ability onto the highest peak. Of course, I am not talking about being geeky but to find other fields that suit with age. These all need to be analysed and considered for the sake of bringing out the best of me. Experimental trial is not harmful in fact it matures a person uniquely. Sometimes, we must do the thing that we think we cannot do.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


We had a wonderful weekend together before TRU left Malaysia for United States. A trip to PD, midnight barbeque and bowling games in Seremban is still fresh in my head. There were too many to mention but having to experience the Tsunami-like situation in the wee hours was terrifying. All of us fell asleep after long hours of chit chatting and ‘makaning’. Suddenly, the sea hit the shore fiercely followed by thunderstorms and strong winds. We shouted each other’s name and responded quickly by moving to the side. We reacted by saying TSUNAMI! It was inevitable but we decided to stay calm. The sea was still many metres away and we would have time to realise if it was a real Tsunami threat. So, we packed our stuff and as the situation looked better, we wandered around the city.

The next morning, we moved to a different place at the other end of PD. Nanifilz and TRU prepared breakfast while R.E. unpacked some stuff from the car. Zamilatos was drowning, fascinated the beauty of the beach and I was sitting, enjoying the food. Just before we left the place, Nanifilz and I carried TRU and threw him into the sea. It was the last bully meant for the coming two years. Then, we dropped by Jusco Seremban2 for some entertainment. We had him a nice Giordano shirt with KLCC picture on it. Hopefully, he would not forget Malaysia is the best place on earth to live in. There were our signatures on the top right corner at the back of the shirt.

All of us have designed our routes for at least the next two years. Although it is early to say who will first settle down, that does not stop us from keep on fighting, positively chasing the pack of successful people. All missions are the same, nevertheless we are in different fields. Truthfully, we work to earn. With bucks of money, you have the world on your side. Through that you gain the fame, people highlight your words and they are willing to help regardless how big your problem is. The world today is such, we care less on the situation; instead we are concerned about who we are involved with. I strongly wish that my opinions were wrong. This will provide a stable platform for peace and humanity. No more discrimination or difference in status.

Season 2007/08

Awesome Torres really gets his feet on the ground. Intelligent Voronin creates chances for others. Hardworking Benayoun gets slips from his marker’s view. Babel who? Some merciful donation to Ajax worth 11million? Looks likely. If Liverpool keeps on playing with minimal intention to shoot the goal, then Rafa’s rotation policy is just a waste of time. Why would we want fresh legs if the players spend 90 minutes running in their own half or just around the penalty box? Why does no one acts like Gerard, Riise or Agger? Send rockets to the goal instead of flowering around. If the form continues, Rafa can forget about getting his hands on the Premiership trophy. They look certain to be a strong contender just for 3rd placing behind MU and Arsenal.

Monday, September 24, 2007


There is little to comment as the whole Malaysia deeply sympathise on the tragic incident. We share the same hatred to the killer and want him to be punished. If I were the King, I would want him to be executed in front of the public. Let us pray and recite Al-Fatihah for her with hopes no more of such cases should happen again in the future.


It is sad to hear Mourinho had left Chelsea after some communication breakdown with the team’s management board. He had contributed a lot in the English games. Ever since his arrival along with Rafa Benitez, the game’s standard has incredibly increased. There were no more 2 horse-race but a 4 horse-race. It is hard to admit but the reality is people fear Chelsea the most. Now, everything has gone. I would be missing reading articles on the net on his comments as well as his refutation with Rafa. I strongly believed Chelsea is out for the race this season as no one can continue what Mour had built. He has got the character and the key of his winning team was his player’s understanding that he bridged synchronically. It is the end of excellence and condolences to Abramovich the owner.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

relax babes!

hey juns, chocaadicter and uchnana...
dun b so mean saying those things to me...
chill lar...i did mention that u ppl r supportive enuf...
i love u ppl...not directing to u at all...
juz to make another controversial statement....hehe :P
besides, its juz to open up some eyes...
which at times make my move restricted...
i enjoy being myself...i enjoy talking to everyone...
but wat spoil d day is d so called lovie-duvie words...
and oso rumours which circulating freely...damn!
its never been bout whos hot or whos not...
its bout freedom to communicate...
its bout being myself!
pls ya..i dun simply say..ive got me no perasan!
n thank u nabel :D u so sweet!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

CUCMS gals...

Why do many if not most CUCMSians are pathetic when it comes to social activities? What makes d girl think they are so beautiful? I really dun understand why do they make so much of noise when I communicate with them tru sms? Ym? U name it.. For God sake, the choices I have back to my home are so much bombastic & bodylicious! I hang out at any time even late at nite is permissible. I can do anything I want but tat stil doesn’t mean im into them. They understand it well. Unlike CUCMSians! You ppl so much of self-induced emotion (perasan) ! Wake up and smell d coffee! Thankfully, my batch mates truly know me.

Monday, July 23, 2007

CuCmS d BeSt!

The jokers of CUCMS lined up for Cyberjaya Badminton Championship last Saturday. We were underdog having been in the same group as MP Sepang and Bomba. With the mentality of ‘Malaysia Boleh’ we brought our army along to support and give confidence during the games. Our ‘pom pom’ girls were awesome and created a lot of noise in the hall. Every opponent was terrified. Surprisingly, my partner, Pian showed them his supernatural power. Everyone who knows him never thought that he gonna publicly advertised himself. I blamed the opponent fully. They smashed on the left side of Pian when he was expecting the ball to go to his right. His immediate response was to be in ‘kangkang kuda’ with the left hand showing an ‘abugit’ movement. Everyone who watched that game laughed for minutes! The match stopped for the free iklan! Hahahaha! We really played for fun. Luckily, the maximum point to collect was 5. We lost 5-0 and 4-1. If not, we would almost duplicate Malaysia football team. CUCMS is the best in Support!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


The clock is ticking very fast, moving forward very smoothly. It does not wait for anyone and consistently mature a person. Comes, 28 June 2007, I have been living for 22 years but experience the world in its true colors only half of the span. For the first time I had not injected any hopes or waited for any surprise. I was quite busy organizing the coming fiesta. Of course, I could have spared some for my entertainment but being me, prioritizing the list was nothing more important than the given responsibility.

Being brought up in a fine family, I always appreciate every value in the institution. Without them or specifically my parents, means I lose the best companion of all. They are simply complete. They are my guidance, they are my friends and they are also my supporters. I never hide anything from them. Every of my ups and downs, every of my laugh and cries, my past and my future, I never missed sharing it with them.

That is why I never get bored spending hours to days with the loved ones. They simply make up my day and continuously create happiness. This is also pointing to the personal relationship with the special one, as I am not a womanizer, not into puppy love, not into things that is unclear. Once I saw the beauty which lies beneath, and she convinces me through her actions, I will commit and devote the fragile heart only to her but yet, not so soon. The time will come. It may sound as simple as a finger flick but just look at the pigeons. They look very friendly but will run away if you come near them. I love socializing but never interested to get really close to any girl. Perhaps, being an observant is always me.

I am so absorbed that I didn't notice how much time had passed. Wow! How did that happen, and can I make it happen again? Two weeks have passed but here I am, still enjoying my days as though today is my birthday. I am thankful to still be having the loved ones around. No one comforts me like they do. I celebrated being 22 in Pizza Hut, Subang Parade. I had a wonderful gift. I could not ask for more as they have limited my wishes! I have got all I wanted. I am certainly not lacking any of my needs. 28 June 2007 completes me. The time to start achieving my dreams has just begun. There are more to come from me. It is about time for me to serve the nation. I pray to God not to slip along the route of success. -JULY 12-

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

oVeR iT :P

Wanting you,
To be wanting me,
No that ain't no way to be,
How I feel,
Read my lips,
Because I'm so over,
I'm so,
Moving on,
And it's my time,
You never were a friend of mine,
Hurt at first,
A little bit,
And now I'm so over,
So over it,
I'm so over it,

Look who's alone now,
It's not me. It's not me.
I'm here enjoying myself very much
Looking for a brighter future
As i never in debt, never stuck 4 money
I'm a happy person, living life to the fullest
The world that i create bringing out the best of me
Making my dreams a possible event
For glory, pleasure & humanity

Monday, June 18, 2007

What does it mean when you hear me say ‘no time’?

Does ‘no time’ really exist? The Almighty has given us 24 hours in a day and that has never been short for me. I am happy with the way I am spending it. I always believe that in whatever things we are offered or had to do, there is always time to do it well. Of course, the quality of work that we do is related to the time frame given as well as other supported materials but realistically, time never runs out. It is always there. We see the same figure on the clock each day. If we don’t use it wisely, then we are wasting our time. We must bear in mind that time passes and it will never come again. Each day is a different day no matter if the day, date or month is the same. The year is always running and showing the difference. So, if you hear me say ‘no time’, then it means that I am not interested to allocate it for you. If I am being a little nicer, I will say ‘sorry’ in front of it but if I am slightly straight to the point, there will be ‘for it’ following the words. Time never runs but it passes.


My life in the future looks likely to be in a well organised manner. None of my good friends pursued into the same field in tertiary education. It provides an extraordinary opportunity for me to be a multi-tasking person. I can treat people, I can have my own lab for research, I can start my own business, I can have a restaurant, I can be a consultant in telecommunications services, I can have a music studio and all can be done without any worries. Soon, I can have my personal lawyer and a coach for my son as well. It is amazing to know people in various professions. It enables us to work on something much easier when we don’t have to waste time developing the trust in someone.
• Nani : the manager
• Ary : the producer with IT background
• Kamal : the bio-technologist
• Zammil : the telco solver
• Mus : the pharmacist
• Juli : the coach and
• Hsian : the lawyer.
Every name I mentioned above is excellent. They think systematically and analytically with positive vision in mind; they have strong determination to excel, do not easily give up, passionate and not to forget, they are comedians as well. I may sound arrogant but this writing is meant to praise them and is part of my appreciation. Hopefully, we will remain good friends till my last breath in this world. Nothing is impossible but all we need to do at this moment is to get through the first stage that is to have the official scroll. I can make the best of my life because I work with the best.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

mUlTiple iNteLLigencE

I want my children to understand the world, but not just because the world is fascinating and the human mind is curious. I want them to understand it so that they will be positioned to make it a better place. Knowledge is not the same as morality, but we need to understand if we are to avoid past mistakes and move in productive directions. An important part of that understanding is knowing who we are and what we can do... Ultimately, we must synthesize our understandings for ourselves. The performance of understanding that try matters are the ones we carry out as human beings in an imperfect world which we can affect for good or for ill. (Howard Gardner 1999: 180-181)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

mY sTorY...

3 beautiful ladies along the years who had strengthen my basis. What's up with the chinese? I don't know...n please...this writing is meant to show my appreciation to the ladies...nothing more than tat...

The first one is Miss ‘G’ and we got to know each other during the athletics’ camp in Cameron Highlands. A gorgeous lady with the Chinese-Eurasian blood had built the 1st part of my true experience in flirting. I was not aware on this kind of relationship until she sparked the eyes of mine. Without her notice, she had shown me many things about love. She never got to know the real me but I guess all of us understood the situation when the experienced met the novice. At that time, I received more than what I gave.

Azam-lution started in the millennium era. I could not imagine my life having a special one at the current situation as my life proceeds into a dull environment after I completed the pre-u course. However, things changed just before my departure to CSMU. The boss whom I worked for introduced me to a beautiful, sweet lady. The Chinese-Malay sweetheart was totally unique from other girls I knew. It was kind of a joke that up till today, I still can’t stop smiling each time I looked back into those days. I was hooked to my boss’ daughter! Haha! Miss ‘S’ came into my life showered me with a lot of joy, care and love. It was an experience that I hardly forget. Things went on too fast until we forgot the most important part in love-relationship that is accepting each other’s way of lifestyle. There was simply lack of adaptation. I prayed happiness for her future undertakings. She meant so much in me. Thank you girl! (the hottest and the best among all)

When I was lonely, searching for my wrongdoings suddenly a little girl with Chinese-Kadazan traits appeared into my life. I had no idea who she was but her presence produced some impact on me. I agreed to be with her and she was always there comforting me. However, I made a u-turn there and had to hurt her feelings, as my heart was still not over with Miss ‘S’. She was fine with it and still wanted to hang around with me. We were friends for four months before she left for America. We lost contact and possibly that number ‘4’ showed bad feng shui. Hehehehe! Ops! Anyhow, I appreciated Miss ‘A’ very much as she gave me a lot space to talk and breathe which no one had ever given me before. She made me fly high freely like an angel.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

hePpi, HePpi & hEpPi...

Pursuit of happiness

In life, you decide to be happy or gloomy. There is no one else that can take away this access from you. GOD??? That is faith. I can assure you that it is you yourself who colours your life. There is a deeper element inside us that many do not notice how to use it and create a wonderful life. If we stick to the Almighty and appreciate everything that we have, we will never have problem to taste the sweet things in life. I am far from pious but I know my limits, yet. This is where you play with the mind. Be realistic, make use of everything around you and do not ask for more because humans will never stop asking. Well, I am not saying that we cannot dream. I am just stressing on the importance of appreciating everything around us and to work harder to improve and gain our wishes. With dreams, we go beyond expectation and our life will be wonderful when we start to appreciate.

LOVE- Is it beautiful or ugly???

It’s sickening to see my so-called best friend ended his long-time companionship just because of a girl. I wonder, what makes him follow the wrong path when the truth is so obvious. It is so weird but I do not blame him fully. He respects his love feeling but is drowned by the girl’s words. It’s unimaginable that she treated him badly and even left him before because of other guys but pulled him back into her arms again after she was rejected. Since then, I saw how much love could influence someone. I did not want to interfere into anyone’s personal, as I didn’t like it either. I hope, no matter where he is now, he will stick to the religion and be a matured person as he returns from wherever he has been.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


It doesn’t look nice to be in the middle of something and to miss the beginning. Here is something about me that I would like to start with. However, I still believe that you will never understand someone if you do not know him. To the people outside, it is not that I do not want to talk to you each time I smile but it is just that I really take some time to talk to new people. Please do not feel bad if I accidentally forgot your name because I have problems memorising names. I vowed to make positive changes in communication, as that will help me very much in my future profession. I appreciate it if you start the conversation without any hesitation. Special praise to 'Miss S' for guiding me a lot in improving my communication skills especially in the intonation and the choices of words. I will be a harsh speaker if not because of her. Thank you.